War of Art Quotes That will inspire You

War of Art Quotes

The War is an American author Steven Pressfield’s non-fictional novel published in 2002. The War of art quotes explores the types of resistance that writers, businessmen, athletes and others face who attempt to smash artistic obstacles.

This is a rare book sort. The War of art quotes speaks of resistance. Our adversary among us. The part of us who stop at NOTHING to destroy our abilities. That is something every person on earth struggles with. On this power, Steven shines a giant torch. Discussing the styles of ways requires caution, worry, anxiety, compulsion, dependency, doubts and all sorts of self-sabotage.

Sun Tzu War of art quotes

War of art quotes remind us of the courage soldiers had to overcome. These terms were seen in the majority of situations as rewards for warlords. Some War of art quotes are:

  • most people had two lives which they had to live. The life that we lead and the unlived life between us. The resistance between the two stands.

War of Art Quotes


  • If you trust in God, you must declare that Resistance is evil because, by providing our own unique genius, it prevents us from attaining the life God has designed

War of Art Quotes


  • Each sun casts a shadow, and the shadow of genius is resistance. The forces of resistance are so powerful, as is our soul’s call to fulfillment.

War of Art Quotes

  • Look in your own heart. Unless I’m insane, at this moment a small voice pipes up and tells you that it’s ten thousand times before, that it’s your call alone. You know that. You know. Nobody’s got to say to you. And unless you’re insane, you’re not as close as yesterday or tomorrow to taking action on that as you were. You don’t believe that Resistance is real? It’s going to bury you with resistance. “


  • Any act which rejects immediate satisfaction for long-term growth, health or integrity. Or any action that comes from our higher nature, rather than our lower, expressed another way. Any of these causes resistance


  • .”When you are taking Resistance at his word, you earn what you receive. Resistance still fails and is still packed with garbage.”

War of art quotes


  • . “Rule of thumb: The more significant an argument or intervention is for the development of our spirit, the more resistance we encounter to it.”



  • .”The fighter and the artist abide by the same obligation code, which specifies that each day the fight has to be waged again.”

War of Art Quotes


  • . ” If you work with the Mother Teresa Foundation in Calcutta and think of bolting down to start a telemarketing career. Relax. Resistance is free for you.”

Sun TZU Quotes

  • . “You probably do it out of resistance if you are criticizing other people. When we see others start living their true selves, they make us crazy if we don’t live our own lives.”

Sun TZU Quotes


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