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10 Best The War of Art Quotes

The famous book ‘The Art of War‘ is written by the most famous Military General, Analyst, and the Philosopher. This book of War contains 13 Chapters, and each chapter is explaining each and every aspect of the War. The explanation may include tactics, weapon, strategy, and battlefield. This book was written 2500 years from now. The book Art of War is considered the earliest book in Chinese history. This book is known as one of the best book and most practical book. In the ancient world, this book was copied so many times because of its influential content.

The first time when this book was written, it was written on the Bamboo Slats that were sewed together like a book. It was read by almost all the people related to every field. This book was the first time translated by Japan and Korea. Japan claimed that the oldest copy of the book art of War is in the 8th century. The French translation was done in 1772, and in English, it was translated in the year 1910.

Asian kings and scholars have been researching The war of art quotes for over 1,000 years, focusing on their combat tactics and territorial conquests

The war of art quotes entered the western world only at the end of the 18th century when the book was translated into French by a Jesuit missionary.

The art of war quotes Sun Tzu focused on every aspect related to the Military, including weapon, tactics, strategy, and discipline.

The chapters of the Book The Art of War are:

  • Chapter 1 Laying Plans
  • Chapter 2 Waging War
  • Chapter 3 Attack by Stratagem
  • Chapter 4 Tactical Dispositions
  • Chapter 5 Energy
  • Chapter 6 Weak Points and Strong
  • Chapter 7 Maneuvering
  • Chapter 8 Variation in Tactics
  • Chapter 9 The Army on the March
  • Chapter 10 Terrain
  • Chapter 11 The Nine Situations
  • Chapter 12 The Attack by Fire
  • Chapter 13 The Use of Spies



The war of art quotes remind us of the courage soldiers had to overcome. These terms were seen in the majority of situations as rewards for warlords. The war of art quotes are:

  • A leader is the one, and people lead him through example, not by force.

The War of Art Quotes

  • To know about your enemy you should have to become your own enemy.

The War of Art Quotes

  • To remember more about enemies, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

The War of Art Quotes

  • The person will win when he knows that when he had to fight and when not.

The War of Art Quotes

  • When the opponent is comfortable, give them toil. Complete, starve them to death. Let them switch until relaxed.


  • It’s easy to love your partner, but sometimes the hardest lesson to remember is to love your enemy.


  • Excellence is to break your enemies’ strength without fighting.


  • Could you imagine what I will do when I can do everything?


  • Let your plans become dark and impenetrable as night, and collapse like a thunderbolt as you pass.


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