The Thrill of the Swing - A Converted Swinger's Story

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To be honest I’ve always known I would do something like this. I mean I’ve never really been a believer in closed relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why people do it. I understand how the other person appears so special to you that if feels like you can’t afford to share them with any other person

Adorable. It’s romantic and beautiful, but it’s not me.

Growing up in my teenage years I was always so angry that having closed relationships is a norm imposed on everybody. What if I just want to be free? 

But then I discovered swinging.

But before I tell you about how I discovered swinging and what my experiences of it are, I feel I should tell you more about why I believe that closed relationship isn’t for me. 

Chained Sexuality 

I’m an extremely sexual person. All my life I’d been coerced and forced into suppressing my sexuality to fit the norms and values of the society. Most of the times, though, I realized I couldn’t hold it in, and after each release I kept realizing more and more that I’m not meant to stifle them.

My first boyfriend couldn’t cope. I remember one day in the bedroom after going three rounds I had to  finish the job myself. Why? Because I found, about to begin the fourth round, that my boyfriend had totally passed out on me. 

My appetite was unquenchable.

And again, like I said, I do understand the need for close relationships. But I believe that I’m the kind of person that can express my sexuality, have sex with other people, without getting emotionally attached.

To The College Years

So like I said, in my college years I discovered the great art of swinging. It was in a movie, too. I saw two beautiful couples make the arrangement with each other and it was beautiful!

I found it so fascinating — so liberating. My first thought was who “WOW! These beautiful people are so free; so amazing. Enough to try something so different to what I’ve known all my life.”

It was really a liberating feeling, albeit one I didn’t really think much about until my third boyfriend.

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The Third Boyfriend

He was never anything much, my third boyfriend, but I mean I liked him. I liked him because people liked him. I knew that he would cheat on me, of course, and I would cheat on him too.

So I suggested that we try having sex with other couples. The look in his eyes was priceless. He was shocked, but you could tell he was damn excited at the same time. He couldn’t even hide it, like his deep-seated wish had just come to life before his very eyes.

He beat about the bush at first, acting skeptical and asking dumb questions but he wanted  to f**k other people so much, he accepted even though my answers were intentionally low-spirited.

So we found a swingers club online and on a beautiful Friday night we waltzed over, feeling terrified, euphoric and horny as hell.

Once inside he transformed into a pouty disappointed baby, The problem was he had just found out there were only married old people around. Apparently we were unicorns.

“We’re getting out of here.”
He said.

“Relax a little.”
I said.

I didn’t want to leave, though. I loved sex with older people. Still do. But he kept demanding that we leave, so I told him if he wanted to he could.

“So you’re going to stay here all alone?”
He said.


“And leave me all alone?”

“You’re the one leaving me,”
I said.

“You’re really going to stay without me?”

So I said, of course not, if you want to leave let’s leave. And right as we were about to walk out the door we saw a set of the most beautiful couple you’d ever seen. One of them was a pair of newly-weds, young and shy and vibrant. The man was a stud and the lady was the unicorn, petite and adorable! Como hacer Ensalada alemana con Mary

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The other couple were not so young; they were middle-aged but even more fascinating than the newly-weds. The man was well-dressed and handsome. He had a stern face of a man who knew what he was doing in bed. He made me wet instantly.

The lady was a cougar. Big breasts and and amazing face. She looked ready to devour anyone. Anyone! She made me wetter.

And so we approached. 

I’m not here to talk about the in-depth details of the events of that night. I’m only going to tell you that we approached both couples and the six of us hit it off. And it turned out to be hands down one of the absolute best nights of my life.

The Aftermath | Open and Swinging 

I got even more ravenous after that. I broke up with my third boyfriend after that, too. What happened was a revelation.

He kept on asking us to go back to the club. And we did. But the people we met that night were nowhere to be found. So we ended up going back home.

So he kept on bringing more girls to me on his own. Asking me for a threesome. And that’s when I realized, and my realizations were two folds:

One: I realized he wasn’t really looking for the thrill of expression like I was; like those beautiful couples were. He was only in need of different places to ruin with his hungry penis.

Second: I also realized I got a bit jealous. How could I? I thought. I don’t even like him that much. So I realized what I wanted was not really an “open” relationship, per se; where everyone could go out and have sex with whatever. But one where we could do it together. Enjoy the thrill and take the ride together!

But thankfully I found out that swinging is not the same as having an open relationship. Swinging is exactly what I was looking for. There were rules. And they were rules we could write ourselves. The thrill was endless.

The Next Meeting 

I met the beautiful young bride at a shopping mall a year later. It was so great meeting her. It was awkward at first, but then we got to talking and I gushed about how beautiful that experience was for me on that faithful night.

She told me it was beautiful for them, too. And that they had kept in touch with the other couple. Feeling pained, I unconsciously asked why she didn’t keep in touch with me and she told me it was because of my boyfriend. Apparently they didn’t like him much. That was a relief to me. I liked them even better then. And she invited me to their house for dinner. 

The Future?

I’m getting married soon. I found a man I really love. We have a great sex life, but he doesn’t know about my swinging disposition — yet. I don’t know how he’d feel about it but I’d really love to try it with him. I’d give anything if I have to.

I became close with the two couples, too, and together we’ve had quite the time on so many nights. They taught me things and showed me places I never knew existed. Places I want to take my fiancee — if only he’d left me.

I plan to invite them over for dinner one of these nights. I hope he likes them. 

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The Thrill of the Swing - A Converted Swinger's Story

To be honest I’ve always known I would do something like this. I mean I’ve never really been a believer in closed relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I un





The Thrill of the Swing - A Converted Swinger's Story

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