20+ Sun Tzu Quotes Art of War That will Transform your Life

Who Was Sun Tzu?

A military strategist, a General of China, and a Philosopher, Sun Tzu was a founder of the “Art of war” (approx 771 to 476 BC).

The day when the Art of War appears in the world, that day is called as the important day for the military of every country in East Asian. It also has a profound impact on company strategy, military thinking, and beyond both Western and Eastern.

Sun Tzu quotes art of war references the guy behind some of the biggest war quotes still lives today in other people’s hearts and minds. We get a feeling of who he was through reading the Sun Tzu quotes art of war and looking through excerpts of some of his famous sayings. You can see main tactics that can help you emerge victorious when applied to military, economic, political, and even the sport and management environments.

Sun Tzu Quotes Art of War

  • ” There is still hope amid the confusion.”

Sun tzu Quotes art of war

Sun Tzu quotes art of war will inspire you, even in the most stressful circumstances, to look for openings. In the centre of traffic, you can excel if you look for good ways to take advantage of it.


  • “The real warriors are the one who first wins the war and then go to the battlefield. While the defeated people first go to the battleground and try to win.”

sun tzu art of war quotes

Sun Tzu quotes art of war told that the biggest battle occurs in mind. When you do not conquer your fears and intellectual deficiencies, physical fighting does not help. You are going to be pushed off by a lot of issues.


  • ” There is no case of a country winning from a protracted war..”

Sun tzu art of war quotes

Peace would be a priority for nations. Fighting will do only so much, but stability brings wealth.


  • “Engage people to what they expect; that is what they are capable of discerning and verifying their predictions. We relax into repetitive habits of reaction, filling their minds as you wait for an unusual moment — that which they cannot anticipate..”

Art of war quotes

It’s policy, winning is. Start with what is known before going into the unknown. A surprise is an essence of achievement.


  • “It is an easy task to love your partner, but the most important and the hardest thing is to love your enemy.”

Sun Tzu Quotes Art of war

The greatest lesson and triumph is to overcome the toughest fate, which is to welcome the opponent when you want to do the last thing.


  • “There are paths which must not be pursued, forces which must not be invaded, towns which must not be occupied, places which must not be contested, commands of the monarch which must not be obeyed..”

art of war quotes

Anyone who succeeds knows how far they will go in other territories. Not everyone should be defeated or terrified. Learning the difference is where real success lies.


  • ” Rouse him, and know the meaning of his action or his inactivity. Force him to show himself so that he can figure out his weak spots.”

art of war quotes

 Be sure you know the vulnerabilities and capabilities of the opponent before you hit with anything you do.

  • “Maybe one can overcome without being willing to do it.”

sun tzu quotes art of war

Don’t be fooled by knowledge; you can’t understand how to do that.

  • ” How the ancients considered a smart warrior is one who not only wins but excels in winning with ease..”

sun tzu art of war quotes

Be smart while the opponent is battling.


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