30+ Quotes From The Art of War Along with Pictures & Videos

Quotes from the Art of War         

The Art of War is a military strategy book and ideas credited originally to Sun Tzu, an army general living in the sixth century BC.

Quotes from the art of war have been said to have made other leaders almost invincible. He has his advice to move ahead without ever depending on weapons to fight fights.

 Quotes from the art of war are profoundly inspiring and instructional. We are looking forward to something inspiring today with our list of quotes from the Art of War.


Quotes from the art of war remind us of the bravery that soldiers had to kill their foes. In the number of instances, those that were on the battlefront were seen as motivation. Others are used to remind us of the fight. Sun Tzu was one of the most influential warlords in the world. He still inspires many generations since his departure through his novel, The Art of War.

The Art of War Quotes

The person behind some of the best war quotes still lives on in other people’s hearts and minds. We get a feel of who he was by reading books and taking quotations from some of his famous sayings. Main strategies can be found that will help you emerge victorious if used in the military, industry, politics, and also in sports and administration.

We will give you plenty of wisdom in our Quotes from the art of war. We are always full of encouraging and motivating expressions to inspire and empower you. We would be pleased to hear your comments in your reflections this article if you like any of the quotes in our list of War Artwork quotations.


  • “Keep your friends close, your enemies even closer.”

Quotes From the Art Of War

That’s a well-known quote which many continue to use until today. To close your friends is a big person, but to hold your enemies closer still is much more significant.

  • “the art of war is to defeat your enemy without any encounter attack”

quotes from the art of war

Most battles continue every day, large and minor, all over the world. Yet how great it would be if, without the requisite fights, we could stop wars and defeat our enemies. This is the optimal condition, and will undoubtedly be accepted by everyone around the country.

  • “Out-thinking the opponent is more critical than over fighting him.

Quotes from the art of war

The mind is more strong than the body. The opponent will quickly be conceived. Through that way, you will manage to fight the war depending on your mind’s strength, no matter how powerful you are physical.

  • “if you want to win like a warrior then remember that victory is the one which is getting without any battle.”

Art of War Quotes

Fighting is an unpleasant thing. War, in general, is terrible and should be avoided by all of us, especially in the western world. However, there are still fights and conflicts.

  • “The real warriors are the one who first wins the war and then go to the battlefield. While the defeated people first go to the battleground and try to win.”

Quotes from the Art of War

The biggest fight is being waged. If the doubts and emotional deficiencies are not resolved, it does not help to enter into a physical battle. There is a strong probability that you’ll be held back by other issues.


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