80+ Famous Art of War Quotes About Leadership & Success

Famous Art of War Quotes

You can shut out the negativity of your mind, and this Famous art of war quotes sun Tzu will remind you how to turn your mind into your best tool. The Famous art of war quotes will teach you to conquer your mind and resolve any battle you are having!

  • Life can be rough, lonely, or throw wrenches in our smart plans daily.
  • We fail to find meaning in experiences that can make a difference in our mind, body, and spirit.

Below are our great and wise and Famous art of war quotes compiled over the years from a wide range of sources. Regardless of your life’s wars, using these excerpts of Sun Tzu to help you conquer them.

Inspirational Sun Tzu Quotes

  • “You should Appear weak when strong, and seem strong when weak.”

Famous Art of War Quotes

  • “If you know the adversary and recognize yourself, you don’t have to doubt the results of a hundred wars.”

"If you know the adversary and recognize yourself, you don't have to doubt the results of a hundred wars.”

  • “Keep close to your friends, your enemies much closer.”

Famous Art of War quotes

  • “Know yourself, and know your opponent. 1000 Battles, 1000 Wins.”

Art of war quotes

Sun Tzu quotes to make you wiser.

  • “To out-think, the opponent is more important than to defeat him.”

The Art of War Quotes

  • . “Travel as fast as the wind, and as the Wood carefully shaped. Attack like the Flames, and still be like the Mountain.

famous art of war quotes

  • “Who knows when to fight would win and not a battle.”

Art of war quotes

Motivational Sun Tzu Quotes

  • “He will win the one who waits to face the enemy unprepared, trained himself.
  • “There is no cause of a nation benefiting from sustained warfare.’
  • ” “You got to believe in yourself.”
  • “Who decides to fight has to list the costs first.”
  • “If both the opponent and yourself are ignorant, you’re likely to be in trouble.”
  • “Someone could be able to win without being able to do so.
  • “The art of issuing orders is not about attempting to rectify the slight blunders and not being distracted by small suspicions.”
  • “Look at your soldiers as your son, and they will follow you through the deepest valleys; look at them as your beloved daughters and they will stand by you even to death.”


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