40+ Best Art of War Quotes

40+ Best Art of War Quotes 

Art of war quotations remind us of the courage soldiers had to overcome. These terms were seen in the majority of situations as rewards for warlords. Others are used to remind us of the challenge. Sun Tzu was one of the greatest war-controlled chiefs. The Best art of war quotes inspires millions even after his exit with his novel The Art of War.

The person behind some of the Best art of war quotes still lives today in other people’s hearts and minds. We get a glimpse about who he actually was through reading books and going by quotations of some of his famous words. The Best art of war quotes are as follows:

  •  “Rewards for great service must not be postponed for a single day.”

Best Art of War Quotes

  • “Treat your man in such a way that you treat your child. And they’re going to drag you into the deepest valley.”

Best War of Art Quotes

  • “The real warriors are the one who first wins the war and then go to the battlefield. While the defeated people first go to the battleground and try to win.”

Best War Of Art Quotes

The most significant fight is the one which is going in our minds. If you don’t overcome your doubts and mental shortcomings, physical effort doesn’t help. You’re going to be pushed away by a lot of problems.

  • “There is no example of a nation winning a protracted war.”

Art of War Quotes

Peace must have been a priority for the nations. Fighting is only going to do so much, but peace brings money.

  • “Be prepared for him when your enemy is safe at all stages. When your enemy is superior in strength then you should stop him. Pretend to be poor, that he can become arrogant. If he takes his ease, don’t give him any rest. If you see that their military is together then you must divide them. Unless the sovereign and the subject are in agreement, make a distinction between them. “


“If you want to win then you should take care of these five points.

  1. A person will win the fight when he knows that when he has to fight and when not.
  2. A person will win the fight when he knows how to handles your inferiors and superior forces.
  3. A person will win whose army has the same spirit in all the ranks of the army.
  4. A person will win who prepared his team and wait for the enemy to unprepared.


  • . “Be incredibly discreet, even to the point of being formless. Even to the point of soundlessness, be extremely mysterious. You can be the director of the fate of the opponent.

Art of War Quotes


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